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Premier Quality Fabric Resistance Bands 

Designed to never slip, pinch, roll, or break. You will never have to buy another resistance band again - unless of course you're obsessed with our cute new style releases! 



Suitable for ALL Fitness Levels

Our band sets will come in 3 different resistance levels, consisting of light, medium, and heavy. Each set will include a solid color long band (40 inches/104cm in length) and a designed glute/short band (15inches/38cm in length). 

(Coming soon!) The light resistance bands are perfect for beginners and all fitness levels who want a little more range of motion (ROM) in their exercises. These are great for exercises such as shoulder press, tricep extension, lunges, lying leg extensions, and more!

(Available now!) The medium level bands are suitable for ALL fitness levels. They provide an efficient level of ROM while adding a little more difficulty than the light bands. These work well for hip abductors, squats, bicep curl, lat pulldown, chest press, rows, and more!

(Coming soon!) The heavy bands are great for advanced weight lifters and anyone who wants a tighter ROM in their exercises. These bands are great for deadlifts, squats, assisted pull-ups, glute bridges, and more!




These resistance bands are lightweight and come with a mesh carrying case, making them easy to take with you anywhere! Workout with them at the gym, in your living room, outdoors, or even on vacation! 

They can also be used for a wide assortment of exercises, including any exercise that would traditionally require the use of dumbbells (bicep curls/shoulder press), barbells (chest press/deadlifts), or cables (tricep extension/glute kickbacks). There are also a plethora of exercises that target the glute muscles best with this style loop band (clam shells/donkey kicks). If thats not enough, these bands can also be used in a variety of HIIT exercises (mountain climbers, high knees, jump squats, and push up jacks). 



What Makes Them Different

Most traditional resistance bands are made fo just rubber/latex. These bands are stitched with fabric, making them more comfortable, durable, and impossible to tear.

These bands are also wider and thicker than traditional rubber bands, keeping them from rolling, pinching or snapping. 



The resistance bands can be washed by hand or on delicate cycle in cold water. Hang or lay flat to dry. 


Rubber Grips

The bands have rubber grips stitched to the inner side of the band to keep them in place throughout the entire movement of the exercise.



Mesh Carrying Case

Each set will come in its own reusable mesh carrying case, making them easy to take with you everywhere, whether you're working out in the gym, your living room, outdoors, or on vacation! 



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