Sunflower Glute Band in Medium Resistance
Interior Sunflower Glute Band in Medium Resistance
Sunflower Glute Band in Medium Resistance in Black Mesh Bag
Sunflower Glute Band in Medium Resistance with Black Mesh Bag

Sunflower Glute Band - Medium Resistance

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The Sunflower band is a medium resistance glute band. This band is suitable for ALL fitness levels. This band works best for targeted glute exercises like hip bridges, kickbacks, lunges, squats, clam shells, and more! 

LiveLushFitness bands are the highest quality fabric resistance bands on the market. They are designed to never roll, pinch, slip, or snap. They are versatile and easy to take with you everywhere, whether you're working out in the gym, your living room, or outdoors at your favorite vacation spot. Once you try them, you'll never know how you exercised without them!



Material: Polyester Cotton, Natural Raw Latex 

Wash: Cold, Hand Wash or Delicate Cycle, Hang or Lay Flat to Dry

Length: 15" x 3" / 38cm x 8 cm

Strength: Medium / Intermediate

Color: Sunflower

Includes: 1 Sunflower Glute Band + 1 Mesh Carrying Case


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Julija Jakovleva
In love ♥

Strong and lovely bands! Was looking for cotton-ish one :) Thank you for being awesome!